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Let’s cut to the chase: having the ability and budget to head to the cashier or click ‘buy now’ with every item that’s ever crossed your physical and mental shopping and wish list is an illusion, or a far flung dream. In reality, it looks more like a long decision process that involves various thought processes and questions along the lines of, do I really need this? Will I still like and/or wear this a year from now? Or the most daunting one yet, can I really afford this, or will it burn a hole through my wallet faster than I’ll be able to wear said purchase?

If any of the above applies to you, you most likely have been browsing through the plenitude of resale items currently available to buy on the market. Whether it’s vintage, thrifted or simply resold at a discounted price, the resale market has officially taken over our retail experience. For the longest time though, the experience was in physical brick and mortar stores – and the really good vintage and thrift stores weren’t necessarily located near your home. Mainly hidden and consisting of overflowing racks of clothing and accessories, the path to finding your lucky star was long.

Although many thankfully remain, the entire industry has moved online and there’s even more to choose from. Nowadays, you can search anything from a basic pair of Levi’s jeans that are no longer sold, to a high-street collaboration you couldn’t wait in line for, to the ultimate pieces in my opinion: handbags. Rows of vintage or second-hand, from timeless black quilted Chanel bags to pristine conditioned Hermès Birkin and Kelly pieces that have most certainly never seen the light of day can now be purchased on a whim. Isn’t that a fascinating turn of events into what shopping has become? Weren’t these supposed to be timeless, hard to get luxury items, often to be ordered in-store only?

Luckily for consumers, no need to have a contact at a renowned fashion house anymore. Search results for current trends as well as classic pieces are endless, and the price tags are well below the initial retail price. Not only is the buying process seamless (on most platforms that is), but both the authentication and delivery process is getting better and more efficient. So in celebration of the holiday season, we rounded up 10 items under £300 we’ll be buying from the resale market.

PS: self-care comes in lots of different ways and retail is definitely often therapy, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself being gifted a resold item. According to a study by Accenture, nearly half of U.S. consumers will be doing one of two things this season: either purchasing directly a second-hand gift or handing you a voucher for a resale platform.

Shop 12 hand-picked under £300 pieces for the holiday season ahead

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A recurring trend has hit the fashion industry: the resale market is bigger than ever and here’s what to shop under £300 for the holidays ahead.