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Nothing exudes the start of a new season and quarter than a brand-new column – which brings us to the here and now, fellow readers! We’re excited to announce the first edition of Want, Need, Read, Wear – the weekly feature will encompass the top pick from our team for each category. WANT is a current must-have and the kind of product which when we decide to ‘sleep on it’ makes an appearance in our dreams and is one of the first things that cross our minds when we sip that first cup of coffee in the morning. NEED is as you may assume a pure necessity – whether it’s that *one* it bag or accessory we’re spotting everywhere or the latest Amazon buy we plan to reorder. READ isn’t limited to a book, (although we’ve got a handful of best-sellers we’re dying to share with you) it can be a recent article we’ve bookmarked or the latest newsletter we subscribed to and read on our way to work. Lastly,  WEAR  will introduce solely fashion purchases, including but not limited to that one pair of white trousers we must add to our summer collection or those just under $10 heart shaped sunglasses available on Amazon Prime, and happen to be a fraction of the original YSL pair (because you know we love a bargain!).Let’s jump right into it, shall we?


There is nothing quite as chic as a blazer, so you can imagine our delight when we came across this white blazer in the new arrivals section of Mango. The double breasted look gives it a timeless style while the oversized and slightly slouchy fit gives you that effortless flair we’ve been trying to master. On top of that, we couldn’t think of a better season than mid July to sport a clean white blazer!



This vanity mirror with enhanced lighting is a must for anyone trying to perfect their morning and night routine. It’s part of Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale, which means it’s marked down to an extremely attractive price, and the enhanced side mirrors are ideal for an in-depth skincare application. It comes in both champagne and rose gold and will add that sleek touch of elegance to your bathroom. PS: did we mention that its light is dimmable and LED powered? If you know us, then you’ll know it’s the perfect selfie mirror!



Man Repeller’s Money Diaries series is one of our absolute favorites from the smart, witty and widely interesting media company. Expect to read how different people across the country spend their money on for one whole week and you might find some similarities with your routine! Before we divulge any more, have a read for yourself and get inspired to write a money diary yourself to keep track of what you spend the most on and what could perhaps be cut down on!



Wearing a ton of jewellery and in general over accessorising has never been our thing – but if there’s something we can’t ever say no to, that’s oversized statement earrings with a creative twist. This pair by Isabel Marant is our go-to for the summer – we’ve worn it with everything from a plain t-shirt and denim shorts to a summer wedding outfit. Get your own pair and take advantage of its sale price while it’s still on!


What’s on your wish-list?

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