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Nothing exudes the start of a new season and quarter than a brand-new column – which brings us to the here and now, fellow readers! We’re excited to announce the first edition of Want, Need, Read, Wear – the weekly feature will encompass the top pick from our team for each category. WANT is a current must-have and the kind of product which when we decide to ‘sleep on it’ makes an appearance in our dreams and is one of the first things that cross our minds when we sip that first cup of coffee in the morning. NEED is as you may assume a pure necessity – whether it’s that *one* it bag or accessory we’re spotting everywhere or the latest Amazon buy we plan to reorder. READ isn’t limited to a book, (although we’ve got a handful of best-sellers we’re dying to share with you) it can be a recent article we’ve bookmarked or the latest newsletter we subscribed to and read on our way to work. Lastly,  WEAR  will introduce solely fashion purchases, including but not limited to that one pair of white trousers we must add to our summer collection or those just under $10 heart shaped sunglasses available on Amazon Prime, and happen to be a fraction of the original YSL pair (because you know we love a bargain!).Let’s jump right into it, shall we?


Nothing makes us wish it was already summer than a two-piece white set by Solid & Striped. We love the length of the skirt which not only limits it to day time but also great for a night time look. The top can be worn both with the skirt as well as with any other style, including high waisted wide leg pants, which is one of our favorite looks to rock year round. Get yours, and take a look at their SS19 collection, which is guaranteed to make summer feel closer than 25 weeks away!


Stretch-ponte skirt & top (£80 - £150)
Stretch-ponte skirt & top (£80 – £150)


January is the ideal time to swap out some old furniture and make room with some new goodies. We made it a mission this year to include more plants and flowers in our homes, and this copper vase is the perfect fit. We love to try this kind of multi use pieces, as it can also be used to grow basic greens for your kitchen, or simply to use as a fruit bowl on your countertop.


Copper pedestal vase (£94)
Copper pedestal vase (£94)


With a foreword by Bill Gates, Blitzscaling gives a clear demonstration on how the impact of successful companies can have on its shareholders and its customers. The two authors show how to build and grow a company in today’s day and age, in particular the digital age and how a new economy is being built from within. It’s one of the books on our to read list this January, and with already a few pages behind us, we look forward to reading more about the advice, the case studies and more!


Blitzscaling (£10.62)
Blitzscaling (£10.62)


This wool-blend coat by H&M is one of the only pieces on sale we ordered this January, in fear of ordering trendy pieces that won’t last the test of time. It’s currently discounted down to £40 and an absolute must have to get through this rough period. We’ll be wearing ours on the way to the gym, to the office, and well into the night as it’ll look great with a pair of black leather pants, a cropped sweater and some heels.


Wool-blend coat (£40)
Wool-blend coat (£40)

What’s on your wish-list?

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