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Nothing exudes the start of a new season and quarter than a brand-new column – which brings us to the here and now, fellow readers! We’re excited to announce the first edition of Want, Need, Read, Wear – the weekly feature will encompass the top pick from our team for each category. WANT is a current must-have and the kind of product which when we decide to ‘sleep on it’ makes an appearance in our dreams and is one of the first things that cross our minds when we sip that first cup of coffee in the morning. NEED is as you may assume a pure necessity – whether it’s that *one* it bag or accessory we’re spotting everywhere or the latest Amazon buy we plan to reorder. READ isn’t limited to a book, (although we’ve got a handful of best-sellers we’re dying to share with you) it can be a recent article we’ve bookmarked or the latest newsletter we subscribed to and read on our way to work. Lastly,  WEAR  will introduce solely fashion purchases, including but not limited to that one pair of white trousers we must add to our summer collection or those just under $10 heart shaped sunglasses available on Amazon Prime, and happen to be a fraction of the original YSL pair (because you know we love a bargain!).Let’s jump right into it, shall we?


We’ve been looking high and low for the perfect shade of yellow – not too mustard or marigold, neither too light as it can quickly turn to neon. Also, we wanted to find a dress that could be worn when elegantly golden tanned or with a simple light shade of colour, depending on how often you’re planning to head out of the city this summer. Not to mention it’s the ideal style and cut for a wedding guest dress, meet the in-laws or brunch with your girlfriends!




Since sunshine and summer have only made a proper appearance just a few weeks ago, the good news is that the good weather seems to be here to stay. The bad news is that we’re still feeling a bit bloated and not quite summer body ready yet, because you know, overindulging in the good things in life is (un)fortunately our forte! We’ll be taking milk thistle for the next weeks and hope for some instantaneous miracle! Adding to this, we’ll be taking care of our eyes and making sure those don’t get too puffy with the arrival of summer Friday’s and endless long weekends – try this eye gel which features a good couple hundred positive reviews on Amazon, and you know those don’t lie!



We just recently picked up a copy of these two books and honestly can’t wait to dive in! On the left you’ve got Style Guide by The Economist, which isn’t about actual fashion style, contrary to popular belief – but about using better vocabulary and when to use it, in the English language. To the right, it’s the third book of bestselling author Jojo Moyes, or the woman behind the heart-wrenching movie Me Before You. Expect a blast from the past, and a new job move for Louisa, who finds herself in the Big Apple!


Style Guide by The Economist
Style Guide by The Economist
Still Me by Jojo Moyes
Still Me by Jojo Moyes




You can’t believe it’s already morning, the snooze button has already been pressed twice and you know that you’re already running late for work, unless you planned your outfit the night before. Now, how often do you make that a task on your to-do list, as opposed to how often it’s realized? We know the answer to that – and that’s why we’re presenting you with the ultimate summer dress. It’s light, airy, works for an office too (depending on your job!) and you won’t even have to go home and change before tomorrow’s date night, because it’s just that versatile. The price is unbeatable too!


What’s on your wish-list?

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