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The moment we realized that our knee caps and ankles will finally be untangled and freed from trousers and tights, we couldn’t wait to embark on a mission to find the most lusted-after dresses to skip into Spring and Summer.

To give you a bit of background, it all started a few weeks ago when I decided to no longer complain about the lack of sight of sunshine or blue skies, and instead set my mind to bookmarking and later on, adding future Spring *lewks* to the Notes section of my iPhone.  It felt as if the moment you stop complaining about something you’re unable to change because it is out of your own capacity and power, is when you finally let go and create your own seasonal mindset. And if you truly knew me, you’d know that I’m a firm believer in letting go of said things that aren’t changeable. And so, every morning I reverted to my newly created and daily updated (!) Notes to seek outfit inspiration for the day to come. I refused to put on any more pairs of leather trousers, let alone boots or warm coats!

But not just that, I had some planning to do! As of last Saturday, which marked the first day of April, we’re only two months short of the only mood-acceptable season of the year: summer. And boy did I have some wishes up my sleeve. There are weddings I need to plan my outfits for, which more often than not include various events to which various looks are to be scheduled for, as well as short weekend getaways, a boat trip and just a simple Saturday morning at the farmer’s market, because no occasion should be left unaccounted for.

Without any further ado, let’s get into the heart of the story which is what will we, you, bloggers and editors world wide be wearing? From what we’ve been perusing over the Internet so far, there’s a lot of buttons involved, which we’re not against at all. How neat are buttons? In some of the styles below, you won’t have to add much more jewelery or accessories because that’s what buttons took over, and better yet – you have to option of buttoning up or down depending on your mood, weather, or amount of Rose you’ve been sipping. Next up, we’re definitely incorporating some florals for a lazy day look where you’re too undecided to put together a full look. Lastly, colour clashing and investing in some bold tones is one of the trends we’re looking forward to the most. Will bright yellow look good wit ha bright turquoise? Paired with some exotic skin sandals? How crazy is too crazy?

Only one way to find out – shop our selection below!

Images: Pixie Market

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