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With a New Year comes a new wardrobe, and thankfully for the industry we’re operating in, it also comes with a whole new set of trends, basics and capsule heroes every fashion girl could need!

From high-end luxury designers to high street haunts, if there’s one retailer we always pop inside, no matter which city we’re in, around the world, it’s without exception Zara. This all-time Spanish retailer, which stocks season after season some of our go-to pieces, from basics to statement, has already pretty much secured our SS18 wardrobe. With over 20 tabs and saved pins, here’s what our editors are eyeing to add to their closet, come the first signs of Spring.

Scroll through to find the latest trends Zara has managed to make accessible and affordable for all of us. Expect the revival of polka dots, a ton of stripes, shimmer, puff sleeves, and classic colours like red, blue, black and white.


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Images: Zara

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