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Truth be told, we could all use a little more light at this time of year – and nothing makes us light more with joy than the thought of going away for a few days during the winter break. The only downside? Thinking about what to pack in our luggage. Are we ready to *only* bring essentials with a few pieces to spare, or are we throwing our hands up in the air declaring defeat by simply throwing in everything that could possible keep us both warm and holiday party ready?

We discussed this raising concern amongst the team here at The Weekly Cut, and have unanimously voted for trying to decrease our luggage weight this year. Not only will we remove the hassle of dragging an overweight suitcase through the airport, and later on across snowed-in street, but we remove the all-consuming dread of whether our luggage allowance will make us either have to remove a few pieces or worse, pay for excess kilograms. So what’s it gonna be for you, fellow shopper?

While you ponder on that thought – or more importantly whether you too, will opt for a more restricted winter wardrobe, we have already started to mentally draft our packing list.

Shop the ultimate packing list for this year’s winter holiday in the snow

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