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Winter took off later than expected, but has been particularly present in our weather forecasts or quite some time now, personally it’s been *too much* time, but hey that’s Mother Nature and there’s nothing we can do about it other than talk about the weather at least 5 times a day, with pretty much everyone we encounter from a personal trainer, barista, Uber driver or neighbour.

The thing about weather and seasons is that you may have the luxury of escaping it, when possible. Sure it may be snowing heavily in New York City, and the wind speed in London barely makes it bearable to cross the street, but there are other parts of the world where things look much, much differently. You wake up naturally with the sun shining through your window, the sky is a uniformly deep blue, and not a snowflake or leather boot in sight. Hell, if you’re lucky you can smell the ocean!

You know what they call that? Pure winter bliss, and in our case we made it a mission for the first time in years to undergo one of these commercially-known Winter Escapes. Book a holiday, hop on the next plane and lay out on a sun bed for a few days to refuel your Vitamin D levels. Because if there’s something we speak more about other than the weather, it’s the lack of Vitamin D – groundbreaking, am I right?

Fast-forward a few mouse clicks and our calendar marked 10 days to go until our scheduled flight to Miami. It’s a long flight from London, so we made sure to get all hands on deck to keep ourselves occupied and busy. We stocked our carry-on with in flight essentials – this brilliant read by Mindy Kaling, the daily Financial Times, this new podcast, these great sleep drops and delicious snacks.

But what about our checked luggage? And before I go any further, let me ask you dear reader: are you the type that packs the night before and thoughtlessly throw in any summer and beach related wardrobe pieces you encounter, or do you fall into the category that purposefully thinks a week in advance about what to wear on the short holiday, and perhaps indulges in a quick shopping haul? At The Weekly Cut HQ there’s only one answer and it’s the latter. There are few things that get us more mentally ready for a vacation than spending a few hours in the week leading up to scan and rummage through the Internet and brick and mortar stores to find some pieces to revamp our beach wardrobe.

Before you scold us for shopping for every single holiday, there’s something you should know, and that’s that we don’t actually buy a whole new wardrobe – but instead invest in a few pieces that will work just as well in March in Miami, as in July in Greece. There’s no destination-specific pieces we’ll buy, and there surely isn’t anything high-end we’re ready to purchase either. We’re still recovering from a Christmas holiday and the presents that come with that. So where do we look to get our hands on a few trendy, bold and weather appropriate pieces that will make us forget winter coats, leather pants and cashmere knits?

The answer is quite simple: Zara. We head to our trusted retailer’s e-commerce (no time wasting here!) and peruse the New In section in search for a new way to dress up our favorite pair of shorts, a new top to wear with these white flared trousers and perhaps a new beach coverup easy to pair with last summer’s swimwear. Sure enough, the Spanish retailer delivered, as always. It took less than hour and Next-Day shipping to get us holiday-ready. That’s something to brag about considering how long it takes for some people to get a date these days!

Ready to see what we picked out from their spring/summer 2019 collection? From dark purple mini skirts with a matching blouse to The Row inspired strappy  white sandals, under £10 sarongs and pastel green metallic midi dresses we got more compliments on than the above mentioned The Row original sandals, we guarantee you’ll find something to pack for your upcoming holiday, whether Miami or elsewhere!

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