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Being present and active in the digital age where social media plays a huge role in discovering new things, as well as growing your brand and image has become virtually inevitable. As you scroll through Instagram, its so called *flows* and witness how one influencer after the other photographs themselves in identical poses with similar clothes, it’s hard to differentiate the creative from the literal followers.

By followers I don’t mean actual Instagram followers but individuals that find it seemingly easy and effortless to copy (if I dare say) another person’s creativity. Apparently being different isn’t in fashion anymore, and it’s become more and more rare to watch someone do something new. Fortunately, not all hope is gone and the true style icons have managed to pave their path to the top in a very humble and outstanding way. Curious to find out how? Enter Envelope1976, the sustainable and impeccably chic brainchild of former editor Celine Aagaard. The Norwegian designer made her debut last summer during Oslo Fashion Week and has just recently launched her Fall/Winter collection on Net-a-Porter.

No surprise there, as Aagaard has been working in fashion for almost 20 years and has a distinguished eye for creating iconic classic pieces with a timeless feel. Upon first glance at her F/W19 looks, we couldn’t help but feel a pang of familiarity with The Row. Though much more reasonably priced, Envelope1976 offers a fresh feel to outdated essentials that have lost their elegance and quality, often found in other brands trying to launch a collection of elevated must-haves and closet staples.

As you scroll through her pieces, you’ll find cold weather essentials like this scarf/sweater blend, a hazelnut brown silk dress, attainable season-less picks that are comfortable with a high end aesthetic. The line isn’t mass produced and fabrics include recycled alpaca wool, vegan leather, and washed satin. There’s no specific styling to follow as all pieces are designed to be worn in a gazillion of iterations and an abundance of layers. After all, Scandinavian winters are anything but mild!

If the modelled clothes lend no convincing, take one glimpse at her Instagram account and street style shots to be proven otherwise. This industry veteran knows her must-haves from her seasonal trends, and if there’s one brand we’ll be stocking up this Fall, it’s Envelope1976.

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Featured images via eco.logic Norway / Envelope1976

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