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If you find yourself going through a style rut with nothing to wear but a closet full of clothes, it’s time to take a look back at classic looks that work 365 days a year. Forget trying to follow one of this season’s most difficult trends, or getting your hands on a much sold out accessory – instead we encourage you to recycle the essentials pile of your wardrobe. Basic tees and denim that you’ve collected over the years but never quite think about combining together as you prefer to carefully put together a sophisticated look with a goal in mind.

But right now, as we find ourselves going through a rather rainy period here in London, the only thing better than finding an outfit that can be worn without poring hours through magazines and the Internet is one that looks just as good on a woman as on a man. With that in mind, we’re doing a major throwback on the classic white tee and blue jeans look. Often worn by street style stars, it girls and the likes, this timeless combination is one that never fails. What’s more, it’s ranked amongst one of the possibly most affordable clothing pieces ever created – starting with a white t-shirt (or any other colour you prefer!) which can be found anywhere from Amazon, Target, Zara, H&M and Hanes (our current favorite) at prices starting from $2.99 upwards. When it comes to the denim itself, the options are endless – we like a classic blue jean in a mom cut, as well as a pair of high waisted flares for a more elevated look. And since we’re in summer, no need to look for an alternative look since you’ll be able to either cut some shorts from a pair of jeans you no longer wear, or run out to your go-to jeans shop for a pair of shorts.

We personally love anything vintage, as well as designers like Levi’s, Alexander Wang and … Worn with a white tee on top, we like to throw on a belt with a large silver buckle for an instant accessory without overdoing it. Lastly, if we’re going for a daytime look we’ll usually wear a pair of Converse, ballet flats or slides – and if we’re going out, simply switch up your flat shoes for pair of block heeled sandals or classic pumps. It’s safe to say that by now we’ve amassed a rather substantial amount of wardrobe classics and these two are by far our favorite pieces to both recycle and stock up on. It’s one of these looks that make you look instantly dressed up and can so easily transition from day to night with a few simple hacks.

The ultimate rule for mastering the look? No frayed or torn denim, tuck in your t-shirt and make sure to switch up your white tees from time to time so you won’t suffer from yellow stain marks! With that in tow, scroll through for our favorite denim and t-shirts below.

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