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As someone who spends a healthy amount of time each month looking for a new pair of jeans to swiftly jump into, there are a few traits and characteristics that need to be included in said candidate, to make it into my top 10 list. The truth is that I do buy a lot of jeans, but I also make sure to gift them once they don’t make the cut anymore in my outfit rotations. Having said that, although I try to venture out of my comfort zones and style aesthetic, I generally buy the same type of jeans over and over again – prices vary from under £50 to what I suspect to be a reasonable amount of investment, increasing up to £200 if I can’t find a lower-end version. Said jeans just need to be two things: high-waisted and cropped, preferably. If I was to go into my ultimate favorites, that would have to include dark denim, more specifically black jeans.

You see, there are jeans and there are black jeans – the latter is an elevated staple of the classic blue and there are more than enough reasons why you should buy more of them. Let’s start by breaking down the simple attributes that make black jeans such a solid staple in a woman’s closet. Firstly, they unassumingly take over as the older cousin of black leggings, which let’s be honest have probably wandered through everyone’s wardrobe from the ages of 14-16 up until the day you realized that an upgrade to a solid pair of black jeans is very much necessary. Following up on that, the right fit has the ability to make you look slim and long-legged year long. And most importantly, they’re the ideal bottom piece to wear when you’re still finishing off a project at work when the clock hits 8pm and you got to rush to dinner out with friends or your S.O. No time to go home and change? No problem, because even the fanciest establishment won’t mind your dark jeans as long as they’re no blue!

For those aforementioned reasons, and so many more, we believe black jeans deserve a special place in our closets. I’ve got to warn you about one major thing I unfortunately did not know at the time of washing my first pair of pitch black jeans; and that is to turn them upside down in order to avoid for the dark wash to fade into a lighter black or anthracite. Other than that, you gotta get on board and renew your jeans pile every once in a while. Trust me, the right pair of black jeans will give you so many good outfit options, you’ll forget there’s still a whole pile of classic blue ones casually lying there.

Style-wise, we love to wear them in a multitude of ways – from a classic white tee, to a baby blue crisp button-down for a more dressed up look, not to mention appropriate in the meeting room. Try a high-waisted flared cut for date night, or a cropped fit and a pair of nude pumps to elongate your legs, or simply tuck in a chunky cashmere knit and accessorize with a Western-style buckle for a more laid back, yet sophisticated look

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