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It should come to no surprise that when it comes to buying the latest trend, whether it’s a bucket straw bag the one size fits all bikini by Hunza G, or the latest facial serum, we like to discuss the pros and cons to the purchase in question. Concerns such as its worthiness and weariness often arise – and because our goal is to offer you a fully curated content with a focus on affordable things, we put an emphasis on ensuring that those beaded sunglasses on sale for Memorial Day Weekend will also come to good use next season!

Which brings us to the topic of what we definitely wouldn’t wear this summer, and in the spirit of an early summer kickoff via this weekend’s Bank Holiday in the UK and Memorial Day Weekend across the pond – we’re looking at all things black. An absolute staple in our wardrobes during fall and winter, it sure doesn’t make a vivid appearance come summertime. It was during one of these off topic conversations about what to expect will be served at next week’s wedding that the topic quick swiveled over to whether any of us would wear black as a wedding guest. So as you may have gotten the hint from this feature’s title, 90% of the women involved in the conversation agreed that not only would they not wear black at a summer wedding, but that we generally wouldn’t think about wearing a black top or a pair of black jeans.

Perhaps it’s because of the warm weather, and the often overheard saying that the colour black will attract sunshine hence heat, but to us, the reason was much more in line with the dark aspect of it. Why wear black when you could wear a full blown white look from June to Labor Day? Wearing anything black is a no-fail route we often go down during winter when the sun isn’t out before you leave the house, you ate your body weight at Thanksgiving, or the weather is simply not uplifting enough to start debating whether that floral top would match with a striped wrap skirt? Side note: does it, though? Discuss below!

Summer’s colour of choice might not be black, but we don’t steer too far from a pair of elegant midnight blue high-waisted shorts, or a buttoned up midi skirt to pair with a white cold shoulder crop top. With endless options available, it’s difficult to make up our mind, so we gathered our resources and present you 5 outfits to wear this summer if an all black look is your usual go-to. When you’re done scrolling, share your ideal summer look by tagging us #TheWeeklyCut and tell us what one thing you’d never wear starting June 21st. 






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