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Finding the right balance between chic yet effortless is not an easy task. But we made it our mission here at the office to present you with a dress that is nothing short of new, but to the contrary a realisation of how easy it is to dress up without pursuing the thought of dressing up. In other words, how to casually dress up with a dress style that is guaranteed to take over your evening-wear this season.

After reading the rather digressed and frustrated feedback for the much anticipated Celine SS19 show in Paris, I thought it would only be fitting to feature a style of dress that is so far from mini skirts and dresses emblazoned with crystals or leather, that more often than not resembled a high school prom attire or that celebrated heroin chic look. From all the reviews we read here at The Weekly Cut, we witnessed one pattern throughout – and that is that Slimane’s pieces looked identical to what he did at Saint Laurent, and in no way reflected Phoebe Philo’s vision and ultimately profound success of creating, designing and dressing women. More than that, the collection seems extremely unfitting considering today’s social and political climate, proving that Slimane had complete disregard towards what fellow Celine customers looked for when purchasing a piece under the fashion house’s previous creative director. Those were refined elegance, sporty chic yet effortless with a hint of luxury  – as opposed to a tone deaf collection presented last Monday.

Given that the array of dresses on display this season is more tempting than ever, we thought to ourselves – why not invest in one that guarantees to be a full all-in-one type of piece. While Slimane’s mini dresses might be a definite option for some – we like to pursue a more timeless route. Invest in something that will look good no matter the season, and most importantly perhaps no matter the body shape. In this particular case, we do like to highlight the fact that the material is unmistakably one of the most comfortable, soothing pieces of garment to put on – especially after a long day.

However, we’re not the type to add pieces to our carts without thinking twice or taking a double take at whether we truly needed that one piece, but one thing we’re sure of and always follow, is our instinct. So far, it’s never disappointed and the proof is in the feedback we receive after wearing that aforementioned dress – the silk dress is one that will never let you down. It only just dawned on us as we approached Autumn that, while we hadn’t yet finalized our Fall/Winter wish lists, there was a piece in our wardrobe that we could wear in a variety of different ways. If the temperatures drop, layer your silk dress with a thin turtleneck or a body suit. Should the weather be in your favor, simply cover your shoulders with an oversized blazer for maximum comfort or a black leather jacket depending on what your destination is.

Whichever your choice, we perused (almost) every single silk dress on parade these days, and we came across a few winners. From classic to vanguard, here are the dresses currently residing in our carts, which will look just as good IRL as during this season’s fashion weeks.

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