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Not quite a jacket, but also not a regular shirt – the work shirt has been filling our inboxes since last season and shows no signs of slowing down. From belted styles to vegan leather, I’d be very remiss for me not to pass on appreciation for this multi-faceted trend creeping up on us like the latest health food.

Take it from us, experts of comfort but high-end at affordable price points, nothing screams more put together and sophisticated than a well-tailored blazer. For many though, a blazer brings back memories of a strict corporate world dress-code or actual uniform. Which brings me to the work shirt – a fitting alternative for those not quite ready to simply ‘throw on a blazer’ over any outfit, but still seek the feeling of always looking prepared for any situation. That’s what a good shirt or jacket is for, right? The unexpected moment where you might bump into someone like at an airport, and your set of loungewear pants and jumper can easily be disguises when covered up by a belted jacket, or shirt. What is it again?

Since I can’t quite wrap my head around how to call it, let’s go for work shirt. Its appearance doesn’t really make it suitable for extreme weather conditions, no matter whether hot or cold, but it’s a great option for those in-between weeks or months in which a coat will leave you drenched in sweat, and no coat/jacket isn’t an option either. So let me tell you what else is so great about this piece; it comes in various shapes and iterations – belted, frayed, leather, open – you name it, you got it. Colors range from a palette of neutrals to more outgoing tones like a mustard yellow and red. Some look like an old school Lumberjack shirt, while others come two-toned with so many pockets, you can easily forgo your handbag. Camouflage patterning is still very much present, whereas light-toned pieces like this off-white cotton-twill belted number can easily blend into any outfit.

Wonder which style we got our hands on? It’s a belted faux-leather shirt by Zara in a sleek black – easy to pair with another leather piece or with blue jeans and ankle boots. If you feel adventurous and the shirt is long enough, you may even get away with wearing it as a dress with a pair of opaque tights. Versatility is key when choosing to invest in a trend, but who knows, we may give it another go and splurge on one of SS20’s newcomers.

In the meantime, we picked out a few of our favorites and invite you to join us as we take mental notes for next season’s looks

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